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Day 22 Monte who?

Day 22
Reiti To Monteleone Sabrino
June 22, 2017
Statistics: steps: 56,890 distance: 27.3 miles or 41.99 Km climbed:1,930

Countdown: 4 days and 87 Km to Rome

I guess those beers made me sleep well, I wake up late

at 5:15am which  is usually when I leave. On the way out of town I run into Margo and Corinne talking to two women. I discover they are both from Seattle. We walk for a kilometer or two. They walk a little slower so I walk ahead and quickly  lose sight of them.

Todays walk is suprisingly flat and fast.  My accommodations are a couple kilometers out of town. I see the turn off to Montenero which is a steep climb. It takes me an hour to reach Montenero. Which doesn’t seem right but I am here and the castle is pretty cool. I go to the alimentari which is also a bar and I have two gin and tonics. Nice thing about Italy is gin and tonics are $2.50. Eat some pizza.

I show the local I have been talking the address of my B&B and he says “that’s Monteleone, this is Montenero” Oh boy my dyslexia got the better of me. Monteleone is 15-20 km on the other side of the mountain I just climbed. And there’s no bus… time to start walking.

After another hour of walking I stop at another bar and have two more gin and tonics and sandwich. And walk another hour and half to another bar. No I didn’t drink more gin & tonics! I ask a local where this B&B is and he says he will give me a ride.

it takes about 10 minutes to reach the B&B. Lo and behold, two of the Austrians are staying there too!

I am pretty exhausted. I get an interviewed for a regional Facebook page with 6600 followers . I then go to sleep.

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Day 21 Reiti

Day 21 Rieti
Puggio Bustone to Rieti
June 21z, 2017
statistics: steps: 42,557 distance: 20.47 milesmiles/ 41.9 km, Climbed:1,420
Countdown: 5 days and 109 km to Rome

Right off the bat, the walk begins dropping in altitude quiet a bit. The more I walk the more I don’t like descending. My knees don’t like it and it makes me uncomfortable. First thing in the morning is a real eye opener.

The walk stays at the same altitude for an hour and change. It’s a walking path used by locals. After 3 hours I enter Cantalice, a medieval town on the side of a hill. Medieval towns are challenging to walk through. Lots of steep slopes and steps. Even if you can walk well, the irregular stair tread heights make it easy to trip. Remarkable no bad falls in over a million steps. Knock on wood.

Once through Cantalice, it’s a nice easy walk. Hot but nice.

I was expecting Reiti to be similar to Assisi but that wasn’t the case. Reiti is a modern city and very average in it’s  appearance.


I run into The 4 Austrians. I have two Falls on the same set of stairs but catch my fall with my right hand both times. Whew close call.

Eat some pizza and drink two beers. Good sleep tonite!

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Day 20 The 800 year old Beech Tree

Day 20 The 800 year old Beech Tree
Piediluco to Puggio Bustone
June 20, 2017
statistics: steps:52,381 distance: 24.7 miles
miles/ 40.0 km, Climbed: 3,430

Countdown: 6 days and 127 kilometers to

A nice flat wall along the lake then into the forest after an hour of walking. The medieval hilltop town of Labros comes into view. And that’s a pretty steep hill. I could definitely enjoy just looking at Labros and not having to walk up. Oh well we’re going straight up. It’s quite a climb to get to Labros. . It is a charming medieval town with narrow streets. The path takes you through the village. Then all the sudden there’s a modern room that is a Wi-Fi hotspot for the village. It is such a contrast to the medieval Village. Of course I love it. I stop and logon you get my email and senda few emails.

The rest of the day climbing, more climbing and more climbing. The climax Is watching an old beech that Francisco took refuge under during a storm. That would make the tree at least 800 years old!! It’s a nice tree. Then proceed to the small chapel probably seats 15 people max.

Now just another 7-8 km to finish this walk. I’m almost to the town and I run into two Germans, a mother and daughter, Corinne and Margo. Corinne speaks excellent English. We walk into town and go to the pharmacy together and then to the bar for a drink. There are literally the third and fourth pilgrims I’ve seen on this route. I literally walk every day and see no one. The stay at the same ostello. I head up to the church. Interesting monastery and church. This is the location that francisco stayed in the mountains for a long time. There are some caves that they stayed in. I start to walk up until I realize the caves are miles away.

I return to have dinner with Corinne and Margo and four Austrians. We all return to the hostel. Before we retire Corinne hands us what looks like a fortune but it’s a saying for you for the Camino. Turns out Margo made these.

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Day 19 Artificial Waterfall

Arrone to Piediluco
Jube 19, 2017
statistics: steps:28,906, distance: 13.63 miles/11 km, Climbed: 740

Countdown: 8 days and 149 miles to Rome

Today’s walk is easy with one climb over a ridge line with an artificial waterfall. The first 2 hours are super flat then it quickly ascends to the fake waterfall built over a 2300
years ago in 271 b.c. By no other than the Romans. They built this massive waterfall 2300 years ago-that is
So hard to fathom! Incredible.

The top of the waterfall has a very nice park with water turbine parts laid out like a sculpture park. The water turbine parts are beautifully crafted. Definitely with checking out.

The path continues alongside a 3 kilometr artificial river. Walking along water is always nice. I walk to the center of Piediluco and wait an hour for the church to open the hosted but to no avail. So I walk back to Hotel Lago.

Eat dinner and call it a night,

Piediluco Summary:
Charmingness: 5 Gellato:6.5 Margherita Pizza: na History celebrated: 5 Epic pictures: 1Days: 0 other: k, town. It not worth visiting unless doing the Cammino Francesco. It’s not a bad town but there are remarkable towns nearby.

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Day 18 Staging Day

Day 18 Staging Day
Spoleto to Arrone (by train)
Walking statistics: steps:13,969, distance: 6.6 miles/11 km, Climbed: 350

Have to be in Rome by 26 of June. Which meant I had to do two stages or take a train. Since my right knee has been hurting me for past couple of days. I decided to take the train today give my knee a rest.

Very peaceful and quiet day. Woke up and took the train and then a bus. Arrived in Arrone by 10 AM. Spent most of the day writing.


Eat dinner and call it a night,

Arrone city summary:
Charmingness: 5 Gellato: 7.5 Margherita Pizza: 6 History celebrated: 5 Epic pictures: 5 Days: 0 other: ok, town. It not worth visiting unless doing the Cammino Francesco. It’s not a bad town but there are remarkable towns nearbyý

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Day 17: Wonderful Spoleto

Day 17

Trevi to Spoleto
June 17, 2017

Statistics: Steps: 39,583, Distance: 18.84 miles/ l28.0km, Climbed 780

I really like Trevi. It’s not a big town but it’s very charming. I splurged and stayed in a hotel for $50. I highly recommend Alla Rocca. checked out last night at the hotel, but didn’t get passport. The front desk opens at 7:15am, which means 2:15 of walking in the sun. I sleep another hour then play with the internet until I finally get passport then I hurry out of town to make Up some time. The path goes up and down for an hour with scenic vistas through olive orchards as far as the eye can see.

It goes on for another 7-9 km and then goes on the flat for miles but it feels like I did two twice the distance on the flat pavements. The landscape is a mish mash of commercial and occasional roadside bar or restaurant bar. It’s as flat as a lake but it takes all day to finish.And the last 2 hours is walking on the Road.

Its close to noon and I am thirsty and there’s a Conrad Supermarket close by. I buy two fruit juices (1 liter each) 2 liters of Fanta orange, yogurt and shampoo. I check my gps and There’s a hostel 200 meters away. I am lucky today 🙂

I check in and clean up. Time to check out Spoleto and the Lippi frescoes. I head into the centro. The first piazza has an old church but there’s a funeral at the moment. I ask the hearse driver which church had the Lippi frescoes. He points on the map to the church at the top of the hill. it takes me an hour and when I get to the church there’s a wedding happening. As the wedding ends the waiting tourists invade the church.there is one Lippi resco at the front of the church. It’s pretty amazing. The other interesting item in the video church is a letter from St. Francis, it’s one of two letters, known to survive from St. Francis.

I start heading back. Unfortunately my My medicine has run out. So I hobble back. I really like this place.

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Day 16 The Perfect Hilltown

LDay 16
Assisi to Spello to Trevi

Walking statistics: steps:55,779, distance: 18.8 miles/30.1 km, Climbed: 2,360

This is the first city that I visited on this trip where I feel I didn’t see much of the city. Assisi has much more to offer. I must return on a future trip.

The path climbs and then it goes along the mountain shoulder and down to the flats. The first town walk Through is Spello. I walk down Main Street which has many wine tasting shops. It’s a charming town on a slope. There’s Roman structures like the Roma portal at the bottom of town. Seemsy

I walk overs aomqlike a town you could spend half a day and be satisifIed that you saw it all. I stop at the bottom of the town and eat two slices of margherita pizza which wasn’t that good but was filling. Next door is a Gelteria that makes the gelatkk themselves. I order my usual Amarena and I am happy. It takes great. I finished the first of two days of walking in good time now to finish strong in Trevi.

The path to Trevi is long and flat with the first half through the city and the second half through bone dry olive orchards. Good news I walk by my first Decathlon store on my walking route. Sad I need nothing so I keep Iwalking.

Good visibility Today. I can see the hilltop of Trevi from15 km away.i keep walking finally reaching the end of suburbia and the beginning of olive tree agricultural lands. To me olive tRees are quintessential Italy.

It’s hot and dusty, some signs look like they got so hot they burned. I run out of water and my internal countdown clock starts to countiNg down To the danger zoom. Luckily a water fountain next to a church is I decide pmogutworking. I fill the bottle 3-4 times and just pour the water on my head. Then I drink a bottle of water and refill for the rest of the hike.

I make my way to Trevi and climb the last bit to enter on the entry road. The entry to he city is a wide tree boulevard. A nice shaday entry. I am very impressed

I decide to splurge tonight on a cheap room. The guide says Antica Dimors Alla R occa is a nice Place. It certainly is in a great central location. Just what the doctor ordered 🙂 is
Charmingness: 7 Gellato: 7 Margherita Pizza: 4 History celebrated: 4 Epic pictures: 6. days: 0.5 day visit

Charmingness: 8.5 Gellato: 5 Margherita Pizza: na History celebrated: 5 Epic pictures: 8 Days: 0.5 day visit – awesome place to overnight Other: highly recommend staying at the Antica Dimors Alla rocca

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